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Property Description

Farato Plots
Dimensions-20x 20m
Price- 3 year payment plan D250,000,D50,000 upfront Balance spread out within 3 years

Manor offers a unique market solution with Courage and the opportunity to contribute our quarter very significantly towards National Development. This project is very viable and can create employment opportunities for the youths as well as contribute to The Gambia Government policy objectives for Vision 2020 and 2025 respectively. Our main objective is to join the Government in their strived towards attaining high quality houses and Road Networks for all Gambians irrespective of where you live at a very low cost and at Flexible payment plan, with all needed faculties (Schools, Markets, water, electricity, health centers, playing grounds and shopping centers).

All across The Gambia, middle and lower income families are finding themselves priced out of quality housing options in the city, urban and semi-urban areas. Waiting years after making loan down payments for their houses to be constructed, too many families are bearing the double burden of paying rent and long development gestation periods. This is true across the housing spectrum, from flats and compact villas to row houses, with long construction times raising sales prices and squeezing hard working families out of the market. With Manor Rapid Panel, not only that we can build faster and efficiently but also optimize of the cost. The corresponding reduction in construction time means these families can afford a quality home and move in with-in 3-4 months. Unlike other regional and national home builders broadening the benefits of high-speed construction, to 1000´s of additional families with very few housing options. Worry no more Manor is here for you.

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